The weather and flu has broken and Spring is just around the corner.

Michael and I have just finished a nice walk around the block today and he loved meeting Nicole, the owner of the new Corner Market Food Mart in our neighborhood. Oh yes, we went without any adaptive device other than his ankle foot orthotics (AFOs). He manages pretty well while holding one hand and it is nothing short of a miracle and I feel he has a great sense of empowerment with his increasing abilities. Of course,  I’m loving it that it takes more weight off my shoulders, literally, and that his effort and enthusiasm is so high. This was our first day out since he had got sick.

We had a 3 day bout with the flu that has set us back a bit and he stayed home from school today, but well enough to head out for a treat and some fresh air. He’ll definitely be back in class tomorrow. I never got nearly as sick as Michael so I was able give him lots of supplements and hot baths and he had pretty much around the clock attention from his Aunt Gina and me. I’m so relieved that we didn’t both have it the way he did.  You’ve got to love hot baths for being so good for bringing the fever and the aches down, especially when feeling helpless about how much they are suffering. I’ve try to build up the supplies like Oscillo, and colloidal silver, Hans loquat syrup and Thera- flu for when nothing else quite gives the relief that I want to see. Sometimes that doesn’t even get it. So many orals syringes of Airborne and Emergen-C that I lost count, but when they get dehydrated they are at great risk and the only alternative often is the ER. I’m not a fan of the ER. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they are there, we all are… we all have to go at times, it’s unavoidable I suppose. But that’s why I stock up for flu season and have everything on hand so at the first sign of a scratchy throat or light-headed or achy feeling, I just start with all the above and don’t stop till I see improvement. Some of us made it through better than others but I hate for any of us to suffer, especially the little ones! 

I hope you are all staying well! This year has already been full of transformation and great challenges. There is always another mountain to climb. Lets be as healthy as possible so we can climb to our highest potential.

To your Health!