Post Hurricane update from Brian and Michael


We’ve that the community in and around St Augustine has been hurting and that most of us have been either struck by the hurricane damage or have been inundated with fundraising or housing requests for those impacted by the storm.I want to help.  Michael and I were  fortunate to have had packed up our household into storage last fall, and that we had our beloved camper van to bug-out in. I’ve kept the our household things in a storage unit thinking I’d be finding a new place or selling off the things I can. Now, we’re looking for a new place and since we’ve got way to much stuff, so at this point I’m posting some things to Craigslist to sell or give away. Since so many folks are hurting for furniture and the like, I’d like to give away most of the household things to the storm victims: This is my Craiglist link to items I have posted, I’m hoping to post as many things as possible in the near future. Please help me help others in need and empty out my storage, It’s too big of an expense every month!

My tool trailer made it through the storm as well. Unfortunately, the house we’ve been living in was damaged, we need a new place to live. It was a good fit because it was close to Michaels school, and I could park the van off street in the shade with electric hookups. Now I’m asking for some help finding a new spot with a yard where we can rent a room, park our camper and bring my trailer and set up a small work area so I can continue making didgeridoos and embark on other projects. At the moment we are camped out in our old neighborhood at a friends and we feel very welcome and “comfortable” but we need more space to spread out. We are still on a budget, so looking for a value. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just needs to work for us. At this point I don’t have the income to afford a place without sharing. It doesn’t even have to be in St. Aug or Florida for that matter. I’d like to find a community with better support for special needs that is in a state that has expanded Medicaid. I would consider a move anywhere that would meet our criteria. Some of the other factors for Michael are his allergies and as well, the terrain of the place we may move to.He can walk with some assistance but has not fully developed his sense of equilibrium and it is more difficult for him to stand in one place than it is to walk. He doesn’t handle slopes or rough terrain well.

At this point I’m weary of Florida politics and would like to find somewhere that is even remotely progressive. I’ve figure I should ask those of you on social media with the scoop on the kinds of places we are looking for around the country to help us scope out our place in the Sun, so to speak, but I’m not ruling out  rainy Washington State either. Anyone have any feedback?   reply here or facebook or call 904-567-5558

Here is another page  if you want to know more about us and what kind of place we’d like to live: Looking for a place in the Sun!


Link to my Craigslist page to help me empty my storage

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