I didn’t realize I was putting pizza dough mix into the pancakes

I really dislike wasting food. Sometimes there are important lessons to be learned from an “epic food fail”. And, just so you know (FYI), a bag of “Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix” looks deceptively similar to “Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Dough Mix” so, heads up everybody! The pancake mix bag was emptied into the bowl and I didn’t have enough to complete the recipe, “no problem, I’ll just grab the other bag that is in the cabinet “. It was already in the mixing bowl before I realized (that) the bag said “pizza dough”… I became aware, at that moment, my mind actually tried to assess all the possible outcomes ranging from “it won’t make any difference, all those mixes are pretty much the same…” to several “what ifs?” and a few “how abouts?” Nothing presented itself as the definitive fix for the crisis. Then I realized I didn’t even have one egg, let alone the two required for the pancake recipe… “no worries”…didn’t that vegan person I had a conversation with recently just tell me that they don’t use eggs in any of their pancake mixes and “It always come out fine”… But my mind is still working through the chemistry of it all and I’m comparing the ingredients between packages, and I’m looking at the differences in recipe list and cooking directions and I realize I probably need some leavening agent, which would have been the eggs for the pancakes, but baking powder is what is called for in the pizza recipe, which I also have none of… if my sentences are running on, it’s a good reflection of my mental processes at the time, trying to “problem solve” wondering how I can end this episode with something edible, I mean “why not?” It’s not like I’m making a soufflé, right? Well, it was the point of no return. I decided to forge ahead. Undaunted, I mixed the ingredients that I had, without leavening, and soon was surmising that the best case scenario would be that I would have some kind of tasty apple pan-fritters, because I like to add minced apple to our BRMGFPancakeMix, and it makes the best damn pancake in Florida… but the added pizza dough mix and the missing eggs turned out a result that was probably my most epic kitchen failure, for breakfast anyway, of my long and illustrious career of breakfast making. It was a science project and a disaster-cleanup ensued. We had avocado toast for breakfast. But I learned a lot and I have the proper ingredients now for another pancake breakfast so I’ll be using the tried and true in the most conventional way so we can enjoy our GF apple pancakes once again with new appreciation for correct ingredients for desired outcomes. Messing with recipes is something I love to do, but much like politics, adding unconventional elements that seem similar, but interact very differently-by-their-very-nature can have unexpected and catastrophic outcomes. You can claim to have been unaware of your input (I didn’t realize I was putting pizza dough mix into the pancakes), but you can not deny that cause-and-effect has brought you these results. If you’re not evaluating what outcomes are likely while in the process of food making, while also neglecting to take action to correct those variables, you are headed for something that is likely to be inedible or worse, something that will be even more distasteful when it comes back up.
Be sure you are well aware of the elements in your recipe and that they are not mis-labeled and that you are not mis-reading them. If you want to try variations, make sure you have access to optional ingredients that can save your meal, so no food may go to waste. But when there is a disaster and and the cleanup seems like toxic waste, at least learn the lessons of cause and effect and how to follow a recipe… and how to do a proper clean up.

True and Certain and Really Really Cool — we are ONE

teZa reveals inner and outer Truth thru her heART!


Our Hearts Connected---energized, in Love and Light Our Hearts Connected—energized, in Love and Light

My last post was about the only “certainty” in life … change. But wait … there IS one, and only one certainty besides constant change and that’s what I’d like to share with you today. Hope you’re in the mood to talk about the MOST powerful thing in the universe, something that knocks my socks off, but feels as comfty as a friend’s hug — that we, and all in existence — are pure consciousness.

When I say that “consciousness is the only certainty besides constant change” in life, I mean it. But, like all good investigators, researchers, scientists and thorough metaphysicians, we’ll start by defining what, exactly, the subject under discussion is, precisely. So we can focus our minds, together, on  exactly what KIND of consciousness we’re talking about here. Because I’m not talking about “being awake” as opposed to “going…

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Travel Book… “STARBRITE Traveler”, by Ida Keiper, Jesemine Jones,

We want to go Places! Who wants to come? This is what I want to be writing about!

STARBRITE Traveler: A Travel Resource For Parents Of Children With Special Needs eBook


via Amazon.com: STARBRITE Traveler: A Travel Resource For Parents Of Children With Special Needs eBook: Ida Keiper, Jesemine Jones, BCBA-D Emily A. Jones PH.D., Bree Rubin: Books.

Small Spaces and Tiny Homes

More inspiring Permaculture perspectives from abroad. Let’s bring it on home!

Bealtaine Cottage ~ The Oldest Independent, Permaculture Smallholding in Ireland! Conceived, Designed, Planted and Worked by One Woman!


Tiny homes are becoming popular.

We are realizing the importance of space…the space we actually need to live comfortably.

If I had the opportunity to build another home, it would, undoubtedly, be much, much smaller than Bealtaine Cottage.

www.bealtainecottage.comLiving comfortably means a warm home, less opening and closing of doors, one big room where all comforts are to be found, much in the same way as the old cottages used to be here in Ireland.

www.bealtainecottage.comHere in this little Lodge, built onto the back of the cottage, constructed mostly from re-cycled materials, over-wintering is now embedded into my lifestyle.

www.bealtainecottage.comEnergy use is one-quarter of that needed for the cottage.

Small pieces of coppiced wood has fed the wood-burning stove, keeping all snug and cosy.


This was a decision I made out of a challenge, to prove that it was possible to be warm and comfortable through winter…and it is…

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