True and Certain and Really Really Cool — we are ONE

teZa reveals inner and outer Truth thru her heART!


Our Hearts Connected---energized, in Love and Light Our Hearts Connected—energized, in Love and Light

My last post was about the only “certainty” in life … change. But wait … there IS one, and only one certainty besides constant change and that’s what I’d like to share with you today. Hope you’re in the mood to talk about the MOST powerful thing in the universe, something that knocks my socks off, but feels as comfty as a friend’s hug — that we, and all in existence — are pure consciousness.

When I say that “consciousness is the only certainty besides constant change” in life, I mean it. But, like all good investigators, researchers, scientists and thorough metaphysicians, we’ll start by defining what, exactly, the subject under discussion is, precisely. So we can focus our minds, together, on  exactly what KIND of consciousness we’re talking about here. Because I’m not talking about “being awake” as opposed to “going…

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