Two Brains: One Boy and a Brian

We’ve changed our Name to “Two Brains”

After contemplating for some time, we’ve changed the name of this Blog to Two Brains.  I think I can make this transition because it more clearly reflects the direction I want this blog to go in and the concepts that I’d like to convey.

It was awhile back shortly after my last post on BW2B that I had been advised  to broaden my focus of the Blog. Please realize, I think I have an extremely broad view of the world, I was simply narrowing it down for this blog, which didn’t seem to help much our circulation or exposure. And, while it is entirely possible that changing the name here will not improve that, I think it will apply more to what I want to share.

What do you mean,  Two Brains?

Two Brains refers to Michael’s condition, ACC or Agenesis of the corpus callosum, also called a split brain. It’s also Michael and I, the two of us. It’s also the dual nature of reality and an open-ness to a new perspective and awareness. As well, I’m a believer in the “Mind in the Gut” theory, where your gut feelings and intuition can somehow “know” reality before you are conscious of it. There is much that I want to share about what  I’m discovering, and I want to share our inner experience as well.   I really like the saying “two heads are better than one”. This is another possible take on the name. But what I really like is what Ernest Holmes once said: “There is One Mind and we all use it”

michael feet and hand flowers

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