2Brains: One Boy and a Brian

We’re changing our Name to “2Brains”

I’ve given it minimal thought today but none the less, I’ll be changing the name of this Blog to: “2Brains”. Wait, let me check and see if anyone is using that…. Okay, aside from these sites that I found, I think I can make this transition because it more clearly reflects the direction I want this blog to go in and the concepts that I’d like to convey… Below are the other sites I don’t want you to be confusing us with….

It was awhile back shortly after my last post on BW2B that I had been advised to broaden my focus of the Blog. Please realize, I have an extremely broad focus, I was simply narrowing it down for this blog, which didn’t seem to help much our circulation or exposure. And, while it is entirely possible that changing the name here will not improve that, I think it will apply more to what I want to share.

What do you mean, 2Brains?

I keep transposing these i/a letters and spelling Brian instead of Brain. It’s understandable. It’s a part of my brain that does things by rote because I write Brian so often, obviously, even while I am intent on writing Brain, this very moment continuing to transpose. None the less, a good example for what I’ll try to impart here in the blog, that we have 2Brains, and they appear to function as one most of the time… but do they? It’s a challenge for us to see where one side or function of the brain starts and another ends, for better or for worse. For me, it’s analogous to the broad specter of our lives and our world in general, especially, for instance, how our politics have been divided into left and right, and an over simplification of, in my view, and much to our detriment,  our core defaults such as right/wrong, good/bad, happy/sad, rich/poor, smart/dumb, etc. While we can objectively see that these dichotomies do exist, gray areas do also co-exist, and what a fantastic correlation to the brain as gray matter. So, while blogging, though I may make some moral, ethical or philosophical judgements here, I will acknowledge that it is in part my social conditioning and an intangible sense of reasoning, among other things that spout the final judgements, not the physical functioning of the gray matter or the gray matter itself that put’s forth what I may speculate on or about. And herein lies the mystery and the magical miracle of the Brain or 2Brains that work together as one to create our perceptions and our world.

So, having said that mouthful, I hope I can keep readers interested, stimulate your 2Brains, inform, entertain, enlighten, and hopefully enrich. Do I need bigger or better mission than that? I’ll be open, I hope you will be too.


Go ahead, check’m out, they are not us!

Advanced Online Marketing | 2-brains.com

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2 Right Brains

2 & 1/2 Brains home page

Welcome http://www.2brains.org/

2Brains Entertainment

2BRAINS for hire ::: creative, brand communication, website design, campaign work, online advertising ::: info@2brains.tv

http://www.2brains.ca/    ( this actually leads to nothing!)

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