The Governors Reply

I heard from the Gov’s office, and I spoke with a woman from APD. It seems that no one there knows much about CDC, but more likely they steer people away from it because it is not funded and now the State budget is in the crapper. Any way, here is the reply that they eventually gave us. I am mad as hell. This is relevant to Michael directly and this is my way of advocating for him. Here it is:

Dear Mr. Crescenzo,

Thank you for your December 22 email to Governor Crist regarding your
interest in being approved for the Agency for Person’s with Disabilities
(APD) Consumer Directed Care program (CDC+) for your grandson, Michael.
Governor Crist has asked that I respond on his behalf.

APD’s Consumer Directed Care (CDC+) is a long-term care program
alternative to the Developmental Disabilities Home and Community Based
Services (HCBS) Medicaid Waiver. Your grandson must have been already
enrolled in one of the four HCBS waivers in order to be considered for
this program.

My understanding after speaking with the Area 4 Program Office is that
your grandson is on the Wait List for the HCBS Waiver and is currently
receiving services through Children’s Medical Services. I would
recommend that you continue to work with Scott Henderson, your
Developmental Disabilities Support Coordinator regarding any services or
funding that may be available.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you when we will have vacancies and funding
to serve Michael on the HCBS Waiver. As of December 2009, there were
more than 18,000 individuals on the waiting list. These individuals
will be offered enrollment on the waiver based upon the date they became
categorically eligible for waiver services. The rest of the new
individuals added are those determined to be in crisis and individuals
that have been court ordered into placement.

There are Medicaid Waiver programs for adults with disabilities that you
may qualify for based on your disability. If you are under sixty, I
would encourage you to contact the Department of Children and Families
Adult Services Unit in your area. If you are sixty or over, you can
contact the Department of Elder Affairs at 1-800-96-ELDER to see if you
are eligible for any of their programs.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the
Developmental Disabilities Program Office in your area at (904)


Mac McCoy, Interim Director

cc: Gayle Granger, Area Administrator/Area 4

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