Some Video and more

Hi! We’ve had a busy start to our holiday season. Michael has been making incredible progress lately with his standing and hip/knee flexion. He is so excited to be bearing his own weight and find his center or Dan-tian (Field of Cinnabar:A Daoist term referring to a center of energy located approximately two inches below the navel and inside the lower abdomen)
Which I find nothing short of miraculous and have been so pleased and proud to see him empowered like this and it really shows in his face. I worked on some collages of Michael so I’ll add them here and there is a video of short clips and pics of Michael all up to age 4 or so. It’s not long and it’s so cute, and oh yeah, thanks to Al DiMeola for the sound track that I don’t have the rights to! It’s just a short little clip of “the boo” or “Mikee-boo”

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