New Bus. Cooler Weather

The bus that Mikee takes has changed so he has a new driver and assistant and a new route, but he doesn’t mind at all or at least he’s never complained about it… Being that he is non-verbal, that’s not that surprising, but as he can be quite vocal at times he’s not expressed any displeasure. And that’s just it, the sweet boy is in a constant state of content(edness?) except for maybe when he’s ready to eat. Then he gets worked up and very vocal, especially while I’m still preparing his meals or while it’s cooling. As content as he may be, he can certainly be impatient for dinner!
I am sorry that I’m not able atthe moment to recall all the great annecdotes and analogies that come to my mind during the average day that I want to put up here. Mostnof the time they have to do with day to day struggles in my life and Michaels life and how they seem analogous iny mind to the larger frame of reference of our over challenges in our lives as a whole and in the world and the times on which we live. Give me some time and I promise I’ll be able to give you some good examples. Maybe when I finish upgrading my mac. I guess if I miss posting on my iPhone I can do so at any time I’m inspired. I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “New Bus. Cooler Weather

  1. Hi Grandpa B,

    thank you for sharing this. It is apparent that the glue that keeps it all going for you and Michael is your boundless love for him.

    This blog educates and enlightens the world over on this condition.

    Know that you are both always supported by the Divine! Love, Ana of Grace.

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