Hello, Indeed!

I’m intending to document the progress of my grandson Michaels’ growth and development with his condition, known as Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agenesis_of_the_corpus_callosum

He is developmentally disabled and is living with me in St. Augustine, Fl.mikeepiano

I have quite a bit of media to incorporate into the blog and this media will eventually be part of a short documentary that I am working on called “The Boy with Two Brains”

One thought on “Hello, Indeed!

  1. Dearest ‘Gramps’:

    Deep gratitude for sharing this site…what you are creating is soooo wonderful and sooo important…Do count me in for any assistance you may need in bringing Michael AND Brian’s story to the world…counting the days til i can meet this magnificent little being IN PERSON…i had such a sweet dream about him last night, tho the details now elude me.
    Perhaps it was my re-union with him. And of course with YOU last eve. How scrumptious was that??? hugs and blessings for now, suz

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